Inspire Your Friends To Pull Up & Vote

Why are you pulling up to vote this November? Complex is calling on its community of video makers, content creators, artists, musicians, and creatives to tell us why voting is more than a right—it’s an essential action that affects the lives of all Americans.

We’re looking for videos showing the power of just one vote, your vote. We’ll highlight the best on our Pull Up & Vote channel each week, with selections based on approach, message, and originality.

Show us why you’re pulling up to vote in November. Submit your Instagram Reel or video below to be considered for a chance to appear on the Pull Up & Vote channel! All participants must comply with the guidelines listed below prior to submission.

Submission Guidelines

  • All participants must be 18 years of age or older to submit.
  • One person per video.
  • Submissions must be posted on the public instagram profile of the participant.
  • Caption must include the hashtag #PullUpAndVote.
  • Video submission must not include music the participant does not have the rights to.
  • Please refrain from wearing attire with logos, offensive language, or that promotes a specific party and/or candidate.
  • No nudity.
  • Refrain from including suggestive choreography.
  • Your creative content must be original and cannot contain lyrics, text, or other content the participant does not own or have the right to use.
  • Absolutely no profanity, offensive and/or derogatory language towards a specific group or Presidential candidate.

How to apply

You must submit one of your own Instagram posts (URL) following the instructions below.

Submission Instructions:

Get creative with your post—you can try these:

  • An Instagram Reel or video of 60 seconds or less inspiring people to vote.
  • An original work of art illustrating why you’re voting.
  • A creative picture of yourself with a caption explaining why it's important to vote.
Submit A Post
This casting call has now ended. Please sign up for updates on future casting calls.